Camping in the snow at Valloire 1
Thought it was about time we posted again as it looks like we’ve not been up to much.  The thing is, we have, but nothing as long or as challenging as previous trips, so not really worth saying much about!  It also looks like the van hasn’t been used much, […]

Snowboarding with Campervan in Valloire

After a good day playing in the park, doing rails, a few jumps and a bit of boarder-cross, I was just planning on venturing back to the van when….. …Into the snow-park and did a small jump really well, then on to the next bigger jump (which I’d done a […]

Ouch. No more boarding for me for a while ...

Here are some poor pics of todays fun at the snowpark. No animals or humans were overly hurt during the taking of these pictures….

Fun at the snowpark

Yes – had our first bloody injury here.  Nothing too serious.  I dropped my razor when shaving and it cut my finger.  It would not have been so bad if it wasn’t a Gillette Fusion 5 blade job – so 5 parallel cuts and a lot of  blood.  🙁  Could […]

Snow is melting – blood, pain, and…

Wow.  What a contrast.  6-7cm of snow yesterday and the slopes are superb.  On top of that they are fairly empty as people are back at work.  So today was an excellent days snow boarding.  I spent most time with Mel coaching her (like I’m an expert!?) down some reds […]

Superb day here!

OK – s’pose we can’t gumble that much.  We’ve not had a decent dump of snow yet this year and as its getting a bit warmer, the roads in Valloire and paths are like (well, actually are) sheet ice.  Cue a few falls when out and about…  Snow has been […]

What a naff day here :(

(See the rest of our tip index here) Our panel van conversion is professionally made and pretty much to a high standard and well insulated, though it was never sold nor suggested it was winterised.  I’d guess most campervans aren’t designed with heavy winter use in mind, so I thought […]

Tip: Winterising a Panel Van Campervan

After a couple of iffy days of low cloud, poor light, and snow blizzards, today was absolutely stunning and showing off the area to its stunning self.  Really very pretty and superb.  Great sky, great snow, and hardly anyone out playing. How can these pics not tempt you over?   Hope […]

Come to Valloire! Snow is SUPERB!

Well, we’ve now committed to a 2-month snowboarding trip over Christmas 2010 and New Year 2011, probably covering the entire of the Alps.  So to celebrate we went out and bought some new snowboarding gear – and Mel has even gone a bit girly with “rock-chick-pink” boots (*not* Barbie pink!).  […]

Snowboards and snow trip!

at last we are away again. seems like an age since we’ve been away. yesterday spent a few hours snowboarding which was great. both improved hugely though ryan got hit in the head by someones snowboard. not quite a broken nose but more surprising was it hit me and not […]

We are away! snowboarding day 1

Just come back down out of the mountains after 3 days of hard and fun snowboarding.  A little bruised, but what a great time!  Chasing the sun again now until we hit the Pyrenees mountains!   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

From sun to snowboarding!

We’re home. And bruised. Good news is Mel passed her tests so is now free to play on the slopes! After a couple of hours every day since Tuesday we seem to be locals. The receptionists know us by name, where we live, and even the instructors know us (Well […]

Snowboarding over – both passed!

Its now Saturday and we’ve been learing to Snowboard at Tamworth Snowdome since Wednesday. We had a full day on Wednesday and have been back every day since! I fluked a pass after the first day (after learning to “ride the rope” quickly to get more goes than anyone else!) […]

Snowboarding is: Challenging/painful/fun