(See the rest of our tip index here) * Updated as Zappy went from .com to and the links didn’t work – still one of our top-tips! This has always felt a chore, and in truth, we’ve only done it once in 4.5 years!  And as we happily drink […]

Cleaning motorhome fresh water tank

(For our other tips, see our tip index HERE) My Symptoms For years, when starting from stone cold, the engine wanted to stall at the first junction or two.  No idea why, dealer had no idea either, and in fairness it wasn’t ever an issue and it never did stall. […]

Engine problem: Lack of power, stalling etc

(See the rest of our tip index here) Our definitive Internet access guide for motorhome travellers Whilst I fully accept being away means avoiding the usual internet emails and news, there are times when you need to access the Internet when abroad.  Typically this is very simple to achieve through […]

Tip: Our guide for easy free Internet Access abroad

(See the rest of our tip index here) For a lot of newcomers and experienced campers alike, one of the regular questions that come up is “how do I get water and empty waste” – especially on long trips. Well the easy answer is to use campsites, but of course […]

Tips: Getting fresh water, and dealing with waste

(See the rest of our tip index here) There are a couple of electrical questions that keep coming up, this is one of them.  At home, you have constant 240v power supply from the mains, and thus pretty much everything you have connects to 240v.  Most modern “portable” appliances however […]

Do you need an inverter (240v) in a van?

** PAGE SUPERCEDED – SEE HERE ** Autoroute 2010 & TomTom Download File When we go away I always tend to scour the internet for all the GPS points of interest I can for aires and some sites and combine them together in a single Autoroute file in order to help […]

2010 Aires / ACSI / Camping Cheque / Bordatlas GPS

(See the rest of our tip index here) The problem with WiFi when travelling We all know the problem when travelling – trying to get Internet access to check our emails isn’t really always very easy.  A lot of the time even legitimate hot-spots always seem to have a flakey […]

Long range Wi-Fi Access :)

As I’ve filled a lot of air gaps around the fridge for winter insulation, we found that in the heat of summer the fridge was unable to lose enough heat to allow the contents to stay as cool as we wanted.  And I mean – beer that isn’t ice cold […]

Fitting fridge fan

Back in November 2008 we met a couple – Barry & Hazel – in a campsite in Holland where they had a little Mazda Bongo camper. We showed our van off and showed how much you can cram into a small space. Then another “internet contact” was selling his sister […]

Its a Flippin’ small world!

As appears to be normal, the van was in bits the day before we left – but its now reassembled, packed, and ready to go in the morning! As we had the idea of going snowboarding, we’ve just finished doing everything practical to winterise the van. We’ve removed both fresh […]

We’re off again!

When coming back from Germany, we said “We’re off to Spain/Portugal next – then where?”. As in Feb the weather is crap, we thought about simply going snowboarding. So started googling snowboarding, then looked on the map to see where the resorts were. “Hmm – we actually almost pass Andorra […]

What a stupid idea! Madness!