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This page contails

  • Removing bulkhead
  • Tow bar & electrics
  • Side & Rear windows
  • Installing passenger swivel plate and seat runners
  • Fitting skylight

Removing Bulkhead

See blog post

Tow bar and electrics

We want a tow bar and electrics, but Nissan were quite expensive, so we opted to DIY.  It can’t be that hard!  But it is a minefield.

We learned the 2016 NV200 does not need any ECU coding so is quite simple, just needs a towbar fitted – and chassis holes already present.  And electrics fitted.  You can get cheap/simple electrics that “cut” into wires, but as van is new and we didn’t want any warrantee issues or risk, we opted for a dedicated wiring kit that just plugs in.  We wanted 13-pin electrics so we can have reverse and fog lights on the bike rack.

As our bumpers are colour matched, we didn’t want any bumper cuts so opted for a towbar that does need them.

So, we bought:-

  • Dedicated 13-pin electrics kit, part number 29140507RC_A1 – £61 delivered from ebay.  It doesn’t come with a constant 12v feed, but I don’t want or need that so saved £60
  • PF Jones Towbar CODE: TNI002 from their website, not ebay, £93 delivered.



Side & Rear Windows

We are fitting opening windows into the NS and OS sliding doors.  This will be dedicated shape for the NV200, and both will open which is the most expensive way.  They will also be in privacy glass

The rear windows were fitted by Nissan as part of the £150 visibility pack.  These are clear so need tinting, but the fact Nissan do it means you get heated screens and rear wash wipe.

The windows we bought were from VanPimps website direct.  TOP TIP:  Subscribe to their mail list – they do 10% off codes which means we got both NS/OS opening windows for £285 delivered.

I’m not going to risk fitting these so I’ll get an expert to do these, and conveniently one was recommended to me, and they appear to be the cheapest of anyone on the forum!  £150 to cut n fit both windows, and £55 for tinting the rears.

Fitting side windows & tinting rear


Installing swivel passenger seat and seat runners

See blog post:

Fitting Skylight