Amsterdam 1/2 Marathon

Well – what can we say!

Day was perfect running conditions.  We were nice and relaxed.

However, at 8 miles we both died!  A lot of pain as the picture of Mel at least shows.  I thought I was going to do a really poor time till Mr 1:35 pace man came past – git – and I managed to dig in and follow him for a few miles (in pain) – then overtake him with 1km to go getting around 1:34:11 ish.  Not bad, but we hoped for better.  Maybe Amsterdam took its toll?

More distance training due then…



1 thought on “Amsterdam 1/2 Marathon”

  1. Hi there!
    Well done on you half! I nearly died running mine (The Great Eastern Run – Peterborough) the other week. It was very hot and I got very dehydrated. I managed to cross the line in 1hr 47min 26 secs but the last mile took 10min 40 secs!
    Have entered Edinburgh as have not got into London so see you in May!
    Take care of yourselves! Love Netta & Rob

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