WooHoo! Next massive trips starting end July!!

At last – the moment we’ve been waiting for!

We’ve exchange contracts on our house sale, so as of the end of July we’ll be able to cut our ties as we are “moving in” with family, meaning that we can undergo some major trips without the worry of keeping the house going with all the insurance and the like.  This is one of the reasons we’ve not bee able to go on a long trip this year.  But – we will pushing our boundaries soon!


1 thought on “WooHoo! Next massive trips starting end July!!”

  1. Another trip. What fun! We’re in Norway now & it’s peeing down heavily today, but that doesn’t dim the beauty of the place. We were seriously impressed with Denmark and Sweden, but Norway does it all so much bigger!

    After two month’s we are still loving being in the van. The only thing I miss is easy internet and radio 4. However, when I do have internet I play too much and don’t get round to other things.

    We will be in Poland by September, so if you do end up that way look out for a silver Renault Master with “Devon” plastered on the front.

    L & R x

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