NV200: Insulating, lining and finishing a door

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Well, we decided to start with the OS sliding door as most of this will be hidden from view most of the time, so hence the best to practice on!

Firstly, we have a ply lining kit which we used the bottom panel which needs to be held in place with removable fir-tree clips, but the Nissan holes don’t fit any known to man.  So, we drilled out each hole to 9mm and then primed.  The panels were then fitted with 7-8mm fir trees (yes!) and 10mm holes so the clips could move around.  These were then carpeted.

For neatness, and from a tip from the self build forum, we edged the door and window with 6mm flat tile edge from trim-traders.  This needed snipping and heating but sort of bent into shape.  Mel helped here as 4 hands needed.  Once in shape, we removed and painted door and tile edge with Megavanmats Man adhesive, and then fitted and heated/bent the edges as necessary.

DSCN1437 DSCN1436

Carpeting was a bitch so don’t look too closely, but it did make a neat edge to the tile edge.  Again, Megavanmats super stretch carpet and spray adhesive and new carpet scissors worked a treat – but be aware if you mask, spray adhesive on the masking tape, then the carpet will bond to that.


That was pretty much it.

The door was filled with insulation, taking note to leave a water-proof channel next to the handle (silver bubble on LHS) so that any water leaks through the handle would just go to the drain hole and not be stored in the door.  Once as much insulation was crammed in and briefly sprayed with glue (not too tight) we then put a full bubble foil insulation over with foil tape as a vapour barrier.

DSCN1440 DSCN1441

The carpeted panel just then clipped in with the fir trees.


Finally, I made a “blind” out of darker carpet, 3 layers of silver bubble, and another layer of darker carpet.  This goes over the window handle, and magnets hold in place.  Seems to be nicely insulated and will hopefully stop condensation, and indeed is a full light barrier.  This is version 1 so who knows if it’ll be any good.  Its neat enough but not perfect, and whilst it stays in place, it may not when driving.

DSCN1445 DSCN1444 DSCN1443


  • The tile trim can snap, so heat it and only snip the far edge
  • If you mask to spray, remove masking tape before offering carpet
  • The ply lining kit could have done with being a few mm smaller top and the side it overlaps the carpet

3 thoughts on “NV200: Insulating, lining and finishing a door”

  1. As this is a small van – I would, as I did with mine, cover every possible metal surface with sound deadening, either flashing tape or specialist variants, in addition to the vapour barrier. Apart from that and the disappointment that the carpet is grey, it is looking really good.

    1. Its all grey. Its the 50 shades of grey van 🙂 All metal will be insulated and/or lined with thick lining carpet, so virtually nothing will be bare.
      The fresh water tank that arrived today bright blue – but as that will be underslung, you are stuck with greys!

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