NV200: Fitting dashcam

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Well today, fitted a dashcam and discreet cabling.

The dashcam appears to be one of the best price/performance cameras and came recommended.  For the money, the HD filming is pretty good

Anyway, fitting is quite easy but thought I’d detail it here.

The cable can tuck in on the top of the screen to the NS pillar, tuck down the side of that pillar to the corner, then down inside the rubber door trim all the way below the glovebox.  Pretty much unseen.  Then under the back of the carpet to the centre console.

You could run the cable under the floor, but I wanted it tucked away so it didn’t get caught, so removed some of the console.  The centre rear tray is two bolts, then lift up and it unclip.  The front middle tray is fixed to the console, but unscrew the two bolts.  Remove the ashtray/card tray (clip underneath) and remove 2 screws.  Then in the footwell there are plastic clips that pop on 1/4 turn and pull out.  Then wiggle and it slides forward and easy enough to run cable.

I’m using the 12v socket and a new dual USB charger, one port for the cam (1A ok) and one port for fast phone charger.

To get the cable there, I drilled 2x 6mm holes above the socket, then squared off with a knife, then dropped the cable in.  Looks very neat.

The 12v socket is switched on ignition live (useful to know for later 🙂 )

The camera is lower than I’d do normally but this is to make it fully invisible from drivers seat.  The fixings all come with it, so quite a bargain!  You could use the supplied 12v charger, but its too big for my taste and is dedicated.  Going generic is easier so cam can swap without changing cabling

Pics below

DSCN1505 DSCN1506 DSCN1507 DSCN1508 DSCN1509

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