Disclaimer of our views

Firstly may we say, the comments here and on the entire of this site are our opinion only and should be taken as such.  Our views will almost certainly differ from yours.  Our views are certainly affected by the time of year we went; the weather; the people there at the time; any festivities we stumbled on (or missed) and more than likely what side of the bed we got out of.

If you have differing views then please comment on the appropriate page.  All polite and non aggressive comments will remain even if they oppose our views.

The facts are also as we saw them at the time which may or may not be correct.  You should always do your own detailed research (rather than relying on blogs and heresay). 

All information is based on our research and, more importantly, our first-hand experiences which don’t always match up with the formal answers.

Definition of Wild Camping

Our view of wild camping, and the view we take throughout this site, is simply overnight parking with all activities taking place inside the van.  We personally do not, for example, get out a step, awning, BBQ, or sun-chairs and sit outside the van as you would on a campsite.  We also would never leave any mess or trace that we’ve been there and mostly only stay one night to avoid outstaying our welcome.  We also ensure we park in an unobtrusive spot, so not blocking anyones views etc.

Around Europe there is a distinction between “Wild Camping” and “Overnight Parking” – whereas the British tend to consider both as being the same.  All references herein to Wild Camping actually mean “Overnight Parking”.

The Country Facts Section

This is a fairly new section to DoYourDream and as such it is incomplete and growing.  The reason we have written it is to give a “real world” view of our experiences in each country which may help with future visitors who otherwise may be incorrectly influenced by a “know it all” on a forum somewhere who only uses their van for 2 weeks a year at the same UK campsite.

I absolutely no way suggest the content is 100% right or applicable to everyone, but it is our view at the time of writing based on REAL experience in the country.  We hope it gives you an insight and a basis for your future research.

About Us

Please remember the type of people we are.  We like activities, running, walking, cycling, adventures, exploring etc.  We’re interested in WW1/2 history and only a passing interest in ancient history.  We’re not religious and we’re not overly into art.  We don’t have kids and try where possible to avoid major crowds and the tourist-tat areas!   So please remember this if your interests greatly differ as then so may your view on the sites and places we mention.

Our van

Remember our van is a converted Ford Transit.  It is <5m long and dark grey, so blends in well and can become invisible when its dark. As such we may well get away with more than someone in an 8m bright white coachbuilt van.

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