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With a van this small, there has to be a compromise, so the kitchen is quite small and basic, but far more than we’d have in a tent.  It will have water, waste, fridge, sink, hob etc – and storage etc, but we are compromised on space so a grill and hot water are sacrificed.  We’ll have to find an alternative for melted cheese and marmite on toast!  We don’t see the lack of hot water as an issue, as we used to just boil the kettle a lot of the time in the old van.

Hob & Sink

Our worktop is quite small & narrow, so a small combination hob/sink is needed, probably smaller than most.  But, bigger than our meths camping stove!

We’ve opted for the rare CAN FL1401 from Kiravans, with waste & tap for £211 which we think is a good price.



A vitifrigo c39i


Water & Waste

Waste tank, see

Fresh tank see

And it built