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List of Downloads

Below are the list of downloads.  To download the file you want, simply click the appropriate DOWNLOAD link.  Some files are ZIP and need to be expanded.  I recommned 7-zip – see here to read about compressed files

Caravan Club GPS POI 2012

The latest (April 2012) edition now available, see here for details

Camping and Caravanning Club GPS POI 2012

At last!  Full details here

Aires, Bordatlas, ACSI & Camping Cheques Camping data 2012

For details of this download click HERE.  This is our most popular download

  • TomTom format:  DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2010 format:  DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 format:  DOWNLOAD
  • CSV raw fomat (suitable for Garmins and others): DOWNLOAD
  • Google Earth single file database:  DOWNLOAD
  • Google Earth individual KML files:  DOWNLOAD

My Wild Camping spots

For details on this download, click here

Municipal campsites

For details on Municiple sites see HERE

LPG / Autogas station GPS POI

For details of this download click HERE

McDonalds Locations (free wifi)

For details on this downlaod click HERE

BT Fon Hotspot GPS POI

For details on this download click HERE

  • Autoroute 2010 Format POI for France – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 Format POI for France – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2010 Format POI for Spain – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 Format POI for Spain – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2010 Format POI for Italy – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 Format POI for Italy – DOWNLOAD

POI conversion tools by GPS Data Team

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27 thoughts on “Download GPS POI files”

  1. Many thanks for all the GPS POI downloads for both TOMTOM and Autoroute 2010. However I have become unstuck with autoroute as the long and lat coord are in decimal . When I try and marry the decimal coords with All the aires France that are in mins secs then I am getting confused!!! . I have changed the option box on autoroute so that it should show mins and secs but it does not change the download database. Is there an easy answer to this problem or should I download a little convertor and do them manually?/ sorry to bother you on this

    alun thomas

    1. Hmmmm….

      I see what you mean. As a long term solution may I suggest you ditch the books and buy the Camping car info database (8 euros) and use this? See

      It has a load more info than all the aires books and is a lot cheaper, and ties in with my databases! (Its an offline copy of their database which you can use away from the internet. The online version for you to look at is

      As for a short term solution…. Err…

      Did you know you can “FIND” and then enter the LAT/LONG in Autoroute? You can enter in deg/min format and it will take you to a point on a map? Otherwise I can give you an excel converter? I can’t think of anything else at the moment…. I’ll see what I can do on my 2012 release…

  2. I’ve just installed your wild camping sites on my Garmin GPS (and have so far used two of them in Denmark). There’s not really any need to provide a different format for Garmin, as CSV files load smoothly using POI Loader.

    When I first installed the file all your camp spots were mapped as being in the deserts of Yemen! It turned out lat and long were transposed. Easily fixed once I realised what had happened (but it probably affects all navigators that use the CSV files).

    Thanks for a great site and lots of invaluable information and inspiration.

  3. LPG: csv raw format if used for garmin gives an error at line 16723… I don’t understand why because it’s written in the same way of the others.
    By the way the one made specifically for Garmin works perfectly!

  4. I just want to say a huge thank you for all the free POI info I’ve just downloaded onto my Garmin Nuvi 1390T. I live in Spain and my wife and I will be off to explore Germany in our motorhome shortly for a couple of months, ending up at Camping Salon Dusseldorf, so the info will be really useful, as will the booster wi-fi aerial I’ve just ordered from Amazon using your link. I didn’t buy the one recommended, I found a more powerful one that copes with 11n – more money, but I think worth it. Didn’t know they existed, finding wi-fi in Europe always a problem (still no GENUINE Europe-wide dongles), hopefully this allow us to use our netbook for emails.
    For your info, after downloading your Garmin .csv files, needed to create a folder with same name but without the file extension, and move file into it, so that the garmin POI loader can ‘see’ it and load it successfully under Custom POI heading as a .gpi file.
    You’ve got a great site here, thanks for all the time and effort that has gone into it.

  5. Hi Ryan,
    Any chance on doing a AR 2013 adaptation of your data-sets?
    AR2013 does not seem to be able to digest the 2011 data-set.

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