Some ways we make money

Obviously when we travel we don’t really have time to make money.  And sadly, this website isn’t in the top 10 websites on the internet thus my 1,000 or so visitors every month don’t give us £1,000,000s lol!  However, there are some ways this website makes us money and also some ways YOU can make money from us too.

Our goal is to cover our web-site running costs and idealy make enough for a tank or two of diesel!  Please note though, we will ONLY recommend things we’d recommend anyway.  We will NEVER recommend things just to make a quick pound.  Our reputation is important to us.

(Figures correct as of 1 April 2010)

How you can help US *AND* Make money yourself!

Yes – sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!!

  1. ZOPA is an internet based loan/lender company.  e.g. if you need a loan they are cheap; and if you have money to invest then you can invest it wisely.  I’ve currently got money lent out, 100 micro loans of £10 at an average of around 8%…  This should give 6% return….  If you use this refer-a-friend link, and either take out a loan or indeed invest £2000 then I will get some comission which I will split with you 50/50 (£25 each).  You will need to contact me with your Zopa user name, and once verified and I get paid I’ll send you a cheque.  All details on the ZOPA site – but make sure you only register AFTER clicking my link!
  2. IJT Direct sell recycled printer toner and ink for home and business printers.  I’ve always been a bit dubious over this, but I have bought a Dell Colour Laser printer from them and use their recycled toner and its an absolute bargain!  My refer-a-friend link is set to automatically give YOU (and me) £5 Tesco vouchers once you spend £25 or more.  Regardless of spending this amount, you will find them to be superb to deal with and will save you money!  Worth a look if nothing else.
  3. Join a cashback site!  Get Cashback These sites sound too good to be true, but honestly, I’ve had just over £1,000 back from cashback sites for things I’d normally buy anyway!  Though I will admit to buying the odd thing just for the cashback as you can make profit sometimes.  There are both and TopCashBackTopCashBack is becoming my favourite as they do NOT charge an admin fee (whereas charge £5pa) and also if you get lots of cashback then they give you extra bonuses too!  TopCashBack is free to join, risk free, and you will save from day 1!  It helps us as we get £1 for each person who joins who then earns themself £5 cashback.  Best cashback off at the moment is £21 back on a £28 AA Breakdown policy!  e.g. it will only cost you £7 a year!!!!!! Win Win!

How you can help US only

  1. Click any “Google ad” that interests you.  Each click earns us about 5-50p.  The income from this comes out at around £5 a month which in effect pays for all our web hosting.
  2. Click our AMAZON links
    These take you to the normal Amazon website, and you get charged the same prices as you otherwise would.  You can either use the link to the left or a product link we may have and any purchase you make we get 5% sales comission.  This equates to about £2 a month so far

Advert Links

This area just covers some pretty pictures/ads that are the same as the links above.  These will help us and possibly you depending on which one you use.  Thanks 🙂


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