Previous version here, but this is updated based on experience and movement of technology 🙂

…work in progress….


  • Take a smart phone or tablet, install OSMAnd map application (free) and download full maps of where you are going.  This app uses OSM data and is scarily accurate, including paths, hotels, roads, and all other POIs.  Used in conjunction with the phone GPS its a top must have.  I can’t emphasise enough how useful/important this is.  This is a must.
  • Pack light!  You can get your clothes washed and dried for 50p/kg max everywhere.  You only need a few days of clothes – you do not need weeks’ worth
  • Get cheap passport photos.  You will need them for visas and maybe other stuff.  You may need 2x for each border crossing, 2x for “passes” etc.  Use and create your own, download to a memory stick, and print off in Boots for 25p or so (for 6x).  Better than £5 in a passport booth…
  • Power and internet is everywhere.  You can easily charge stuff up in rooms, don’t bother with extra batteries
  • Don’t bother with padlocks, security pockets (they are all made in asia, so any thief would recognise them anyway!) etc.  Just use common sense.
  • Take photos of your luggage – will help if lost or to locate it when dumped in a huge pile
  • If you expect to have a hair cut, then take photos of your hair from all angles when you have it cut in the UK.  Pictures are worth 1000 words – especially as you can’t speak native.  May save you looking like a monk


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