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Here is our index page for self-build campervans and motorhomes

VAN 2 – Fiat Ducato Sportivo MH2

  • Van type: Fiat Ducato Sportivo MH2
  • Year 2020
  • Type:  Motorhome
  • Brief spec:  Fully winterised, shower room, loo, hob, professional finish, onboard garage for bikes & snowboards
  • Build blog:  CLICK HERE 

Van 1 – NV200

  • Van type:  Nissan NV200
  • Year:  2016
  • Build dates:  March – June 2016
  • Type:  Campervan
  • Brief spec:  SMALL 🙂  Insulated, 2 berth, small bed, hob, heating, loo, sink, ,custom water tanks, solar, discreet and stealthy
  • Build blog:  CLICK HERE

8 thoughts on “Self Build Campervan/Motorhome index”

  1. Hello Ryan and Mel,

    Loving your work. I am actively looking to buy and convert a Nissan NV200.
    I am inclined to buy the NV200 car version, 7 seats, as I need a back a seat for my daughter.
    It’s also less van looking for the everyday use.
    What are your thoughts? Would the conversion work on the van based car?
    Thanks a million

    1. Look on Facebook for NV200 group – many people have used the combi (car) version. Be aware there is more glass, more airbags and different dash options. Also its different tax class. Van is simpler. If you need crash approved seat – only option is the OEM seats left in situ. However you can get belted seats in the rear, like us, but they are not approved (regardless of what you hear) – but they don’t’ need to be. Just be confident in how they are made/fitted. Tough call for kids… (ours vvv seldom used)

  2. Hi Ryan and Mel,

    Hoping you can help! I also have a Nissan NV200 but the combi version which my very clever partner (who is an electrician) is planning on connecting a leisure battery up for me but we cannot find any literature on which wire to connect to from the alternator? The split charger relay we have says to connect to either D or F wire, he’s torn between a blue and a green wire, do you happen to remember which one?!

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Hi Mel & Ryan, really looking forward to your van 2 build series. On your latest video you mentioned the towbar install, did you do do this or was it a factory install? Lastly is there a way to get notified of new blog posts? Cheers Brian

    1. Hi
      I fitted tow bar – there will be a video coming up soon 🙂 It was the first job which had “challenges” and I had to await other parts. It was an OK job, apart from getting some electrics working.
      Hmm – you are right, no “follow” on the blog. I’ll take a look later in the week and see if I can fix that.
      You can subscribe to YouTube of course
      I’ll shout when I’ve fixed/found “follow”!

    2. Tow bar post added as well as YouTube vid. No idea how to add a notify thing on here – so that may take a while

    1. Hi. In the NV we used CAN1501 sink, but that was no longer available, so in the Ducato we used Smev 9722. The former is easier to install; the latter has more following and hence more spares available. For sure, both are good enough. In the new van, we could’ve gone bigger as the smev is really a campervan setup (not motorhome) – but our CAD looked tight so we went with the 9722. Its fine, but we could’ve gone bigger and possibly should’ve – but equally, having space around it is damn useful too! So depends on your use. No grill/oven works well – get a ridgemonkey. So yes, possibly would use the same again, but may also look at slightly bigger now we know there is room – but its good enough not to consider changing. Hope that answers q?

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