Matched betting – Easy Money?

A friend of mine told me of a “Matched Betting” technique to guarentee to make money via Internet betting.
Yeah right I thought.
Then he told me he was £300 up. Yeah right. Then £500 up.
Hmmmm Tempting! 🙂
So as of Last Wednesday I have been playing with this!!

I’ve made a few mistakes, one may be on the 19:40 at Windsor (!!).

However, so far, the maths are right, and by the end of today I’ll be £200 in profit. Maybe. If my maths are wrong……

I’m sure if you know what you are doing its going to be fun and easy money – but fumbling like a virgin in the dark – and I’m not exactly sure whats going on!

Anyway – as the odds of the 19:40 at Windsor have changed – I’m not sure if I want it to win or loose!! Back to Excel for the next 7 mins….

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