So – what are we doing now?

We’ve had a few people ask what we’re up to now as we’ve been home for a month and been very quiet. Are the travels over?
Hell no! 🙂
We’re working on a couple of projects which mean we’ll have to be in the UK for a few months, and so the travel and European tour will continue from Autumn through 2010…. and, assuming various projects go as hoped, maybe beyond…..!
So what are we doing now?
Well yes – I know – we’re supposed to have given up work – but unfortunatley as we’re in the UK we’ve got to do *something* – and events have a habit of forcing your hand. As such, we’ve started a business up! Its called “Your Friendly Help” –
Basically, we’re pimping ourselves to the highest bidder!
This means Mel is offering Vet Nursing cover (Locum/Temp) – and unfortunately for her – got a job within a week of us coming back (lol!) – so she is very busy.
Ryan (me) has become an IT consultant and is currently undertaking some consultancy work for a company in the city to completely redesign their infrastructure with the latest technology. Thank goodness my previous company paid for my certification! This will take place over the next 2 months and in the meantime learning all the necessay for accurate and efficient running of a business and all the ways possible to (legally!) avoid Tax!
So we’re busy, having fun, and the tour is paused for reasons that will become clear shortly…!

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