*NEW* Google map view of our Aires/Wildcamping database


Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – I’ve got all our aires imported into Googlemaps and the map embedded into our Aires database page.  See http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/resources-downloads/campsite-aires-and-wild-camping-database/

This should make it easier for you to see where we’ve stayed and to get ideas relevent to an area you’ve been to.  Hope its useful to someone!  Please let me know if its worth the effort!

1 thought on “*NEW* Google map view of our Aires/Wildcamping database”

  1. hi you two glad to see someone else has the bottle to do what you are doing !!we have been travelling around europe for the last 5 years and loving every bit of it.last trip we travelled through france.germany,austria,venice,italy,and down to the pelepones,greece.we had a few problems with breakdowns in various forms but has not deterred us!! for instance we suffered from 3cracked wheels,not punctires but cracked wheels (steel) so we have fitted alloys.enjoy your travels and maybe we will meet ond day,keep smiling and enjoy!! bill n anne binney

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