June aches & future plans!

June is here and we are till aching from our wakeboarding exploits – the bruises will heal.

Back in Suffolk now, and Mel has just been given a bit of work (hahahaha!) which means we’re not going to be going to France till 8 July for our mountain biking trip (pending dates of any work than comes my way).

Until then we’re doing loads of research for our Asia trip (and I mean loads!) – so for the next few days we’ll be drawing up a route and working out how long we need to book the flights for, and all being well book them this week or early next
So probably chill out for a week or two in Suffolk, will change the van brake pads (after 48.000 miles!) and may well upgrade the rear suspension (how hard can that be?!) – then a couple of weeks seeing friends again before we set off again.

Not enough time!!!!  Argh!

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