Cleaning motorhome fresh water tank

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This has always felt a chore, and in truth, we’ve only done it once in 4.5 years!  And as we happily drink from the tank then its actually quite important.  Its always felt like a hassle, and we’ve never really needed it.

Then on one of the motorhome forums, Graham at Zappys Blog started to offer a simple magic pill to do the disinfecting hassle free.  Hmmm.  Sceptcial old me.  However, I placed my order and what did I get…

Pack of 10 pills for £5 delivered with clear instructions.  These can be seen on his blog HERE in PDF format, and you can buy the pills HERE in his online shop.  And no, sadly, I don’t get comission from him!

So before our next trip we decided we better do it.  So, a quick flush of the tank, then fill with water and a single pill (54L is okay for single pill) – and go away for lunch for just over an hour.  Come back, run through the water, then a quick clean flush, and first impressions on the taste test are fine!  Tastes like normal water, clean, and no residue.


I’m not going to use the pills for the waster water tank (only a small one so will just sling in other stronger chemicals) but you can if you wish.

He also gives instructions on how to treat water pre-drinking in emergency situations – so quite a good pill all said and told.

So, if you want a quick n easy way to dose up your tank cleaning chemicals, then give Zappys Blog a look

6 thoughts on “Cleaning motorhome fresh water tank”

  1. I use Milton (or Tesco own brand equivalent) baby bottle cleanser. This is dilute sodium hypochlorite. I use about half a cup in the 90 litre tank, top up with water, leave for at least 12 hours, then empty and flush before filling up. If its safe enough for a baby its safe enough for me!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments about our site – much appreciated! It will be populated with many more trips over the coming months – currently in Holland heading towards Denmark – so watch this space for regular updates.
    I have also heard comments about the Milton type solution for tank cleaning, though I have also read the Milton solutions can attack stainless steel which could possibly affect plumbing and boiler components. I’ve nothing to back this up other than reading it on the internet but it is something you may want to consider.
    Hope you have some good travels in the near future!

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