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In order to figure out if our plan is realistic, we’ve made a scale model in TinkerCAD with real-size appliances and equipment to see if it fits.  The floorplan is based on a L2H2 Ducato/Citroen/Pergot chassis – but ASSUMES the walls are square, the bulkhead is square, the rear arches are how I expect (guessed) and there are no struts or anything in the way.  As it fits in CAD, then worst case it will fit into an L3 size even with obstructions


We used TinkerCAD – and this is the first 3D CAD I’ve ever drawn, so excuse basic CAD errors.  You can tinker with it HERE and see how its set up, and you can copy/modify and hide elements to see whats inside.  Its rough n ready

We’ll be posting different design iterations over the next year until we come up with the most optimised layout 🙂

Design Info (v1)

  • Fixed L sofa against false (insulated) bulkhead and OS wall (1.2m wide min) – so makes 4′ double bed
  • L sofa converts to U sofa and bed.  Table plug onto floor.  Bed and U made with ali  box sections that clip in (quick, and no complex bed movements)
  • Wardrobe shallow to give better “space” giving impression of size
  • Fridge 40×40 compressor, recessed into garage wall, vented to garage to lose heat
  • 2 ring burner & sink
  • Bathroom door angled to give more living area and perception of space. (hinge location may change)
  • 70-90L water tank under sofa, as are pumps & hot water system
  • Diesel heating (in garage) and 240v heating (underfloor and blown air)
  • Bathroom with full loo and shower, on custom made fibreglass floor, full wet-room
  • 2x100AH batteries and 240W solar
  • Overhead lockers in kitchen & living room
  • Windows, skylights, and “modern” mood lighting
  • Bulkhead window and climbthrough to cab
  • 2x mountain bikes in garage, front wheel off.  Snowboard garage area behind loo

Design Info v2

As per v1, but with some changes to store the bikes differently, and this gives the following changes

  • Advantages
    • Shallower garage = bigger kitchen and enables bathroom to be different shape and brings door back.
    • Bathroom can be shorter and wider with bigger door
    • Fridge can be deeper
    • Wardrobe can be wider
    • L sofa can be wider
    • Easier build as more flexible in exact walls, v1 is very much “mm perfect” for things to fit
  • Disadvantages
    • Garage is smaller, no dedicated snowboard/bodyboard storage – will still fit with bikes but slightly more faff

Size Comparables

It may look small, and a strange choice not to use cab seats, but we think its actually a very efficient design.

  • Not using the cab gives a large permanent sofa that is otherwise unattainable, and also enables loads of extra storage with little wasted space
  • The bathroom, bed, kitchen are comparable with other L2 vans from Murvy, Vantage etc.  The fact we’ve got a garage in (which they haven’t) is due to efficient placing of sofa, and less “corridor”.  However, we’ve tried to ensure the floor area we have is wide (with sloping bathroom door) rather than just corridor.
  • Our old L1 Horizons Cavarno 2 was comparable with bathroom size to this design, but with bigger permanent sofa and bigger bed.  Bathroom/kitchen comparable
  • This design uses “campervan size” fridge and sink/hob – but thats fine for us – we’ve not struggled in the NV for cooking or fridge!

2 thoughts on “Design of Van #2”

    1. Some similarities at the front and bulkhead for sure, but no bathroom in that one. Pretty good getting 2+2 and bikes in there though.
      Our design hasn’t been tweaked much in the last few weeks, so we are *almost* there design wise, now just need to find where to source the specific bits 🙂 Thanks for the link

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