NEC Outdoors Show

Decided Sunday was a chilling day, so went to the NEC Outdoors Show show thanks to Steve (Roy Wood Transits) giving us a couple of spare tickets.

Reminded us of the BT advert where they say “Why do they call it free time”? Free tickets, 200 mile round trip; food; drink; parking; purchasing – lol – so not really a free day out.

Good to see it busy, and great to see so many ideas for adventures and activities. Good to see RWT busy as well with their toys. Funny as a lot of the peopel there were outdoor types, but then a fair few look liked they rolled off their sofa to get there – and were waiting for a bus to get back to the carpark rather than walking. Hardly walkers then 😉

Saw a company there we were eyeing up on the web so it was great to see them, and saw loads of rock climbing and some mental women climbing upsidedown from the rafters like bats.

Came home knackered – so missed our regular run. That means, tonight, after work, we’ve got a 10 mile run to do 🙁

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