Shit – The Weakest Link…

Its me 🙁
After continuing DIY yesterday skimming a few mm off the bottom of the door, I (like an idiot), kneeling next to it, twisted, and tried to lift it up. Cue sloppy noise; bizzare feelings; an a lot of pain….
After 30m to get indoors, next door brought my tools in, and I spent just under 2 hours unable to move on the floor crying 🙁 Oops. The NHS Direct, and the emergency doctor service were next to ****** useless. No offence, but the advice of Nurafen was as much use as going for a run. On verge of 999 but managed with Mels help to get upstairs and crash for the night.
Managed to beat a way into the Doctors this morning, and have a great combo of muscle relaxant and multiple pain killers. Diazepam, Dicloflex, and co-Codamol. Cool! Most of today so far was a nice pain free float/sleep!
Really annoying being stuck on the sofa looking at a toliet and sink that needs fitting upstaris. But I think this weekend will be doing nothing (shame there is loads of motorsport on 😉 ) – and maybe a beer or two to speed up visit to the clouds. At least drugs and sleeping means I don’t have to watch daytime TV! lol!!

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