ALMOST ready to go!

Blimey, its been a long time (or feels like it) – but our adventure starts Sunday! Off to Holland to start our big escape.

Mel has at last finished work and now getting eager to go…..

Just making some final changes to the van – talk about last minute. We’ve had refillable LPG (Gaslow) installed with a single 6kg cylinder (with a 6kg calor as backup) so that we can use more gas in Europe without worrying. We should be able to fill up at any LPG petrol station. I’ve “obtained” >10,000 GPS POI’s to make this easier 🙂

Also decided last minute to fit 2x 100AH batteries (rather than 1x 85AH) which should give us much more electricity when camping away from real sites. However, this wasn’t easy and has found a minor problem or two that needs rectifying and I’m still awaiting parts! We have a contingency plan if they don’t come tomorrow…..

Beer and chocolate biscuts packed!

Numbers for Amsterdam 1/2 marathon have arrived

Apart from that….. ROLL ON SUNDAY!!!!

(It’ll be good not to see the news for a few months!!!)

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