A few days wildcamping in the Peak District

We don’t normally post anything about short UK trips as everyone tends to do them and we don’t normally have anything to add to peoples experience.

However, we’ve just come back from 5 days in the Peak District and had a superb (though tiring!) time.  As mentioned on a previous post, we have joined the where they have information on wild camping spots found by others.  So we thought we’d test them out!

It was pleasing to see the identified spots appear on TomTom when we were driving past – they were real and they existed!!  Our first night we spent just outside Matlock, then the following day relocated just south of Matlock Bath in Cromford for a mamouth walk in the hills with some decent views.  After  a little rest, we madly went for a long tun along Cromford canal!  We were joined by another van who found the place by chance!

After a good tour of Bakewell and Buxton we headed to the lovely village of Castleton for the night.  A huge area suitable for overnighting at the top of the hill with some superb views and walks and beautiful and quiet overnight.  In the evening 2x other vans appeared for the night as well!

All day Saturday we spent around the Ladybower reservoir, with the morning taken up with cycling round a long route around the Derwent, and after luch a long work (well vey long as we got lost) up in the hills overlooking Ladybower.

Sadly there were “no overnight parking” signs, so we decided to obay the signs and find another spot for the evening.

No idea how many calories we burned off (and re absorbed through goodies!!) or how many miles we walked, but it was a beautiful and fun break!  We will be visiting the Peaks again, and will be using the Wildcamping POIs again! 

Now to rest for a few days!

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