Short watersports break before trip…

Just a quick update before our next major trip starts next week.

We’re currently having a watersports break which started with a couple of Wakeboarding sessions, one for the ladies at JBSki at Thorpe Park (for Mel obviously, though Ryan enjoyed the show! 🙂 ), then up to WMSki in the Cotswolds for Ryan to play on the ramps….  .  I’m okay – bruises heal!

Currently in Cornwall in Watergate Bay at the Extreme Acadamy where Mel is becoming a surf bum and is doing well standing on her board (aledgedly – I’ve not seen her yet!).  And I’ve been having kite-surfing lessons though today was just kiting which I’m okay at having had enough time on beaches with our power kite on the last trips.  Sadly wind not strong enough to hit the water today so hoping the wind picks up over the next few days.

Been an interesting few weeks or so – met some good and hospitible friends and been out with far too many meals with friends and family.  I guess the extra fat will keep us warm in the sea – no whale comments please 🙂

Next trip to Europe starts on 3 August…..  (Assuming no more A&E trips…..)

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