Kite surfing @ Watergate Bay

Well just come back from the Extreme Academy at Watergate Bay from my Kite Surfing lessons. 

So – did I look like this?

Sadly not.

Carl my instructor was a top bloke and did all he could, and alas even despite is hot air (not aimed at me most of the time 🙂 ) the wind wasn’t strong enough to really get going on the boards.

So the best we could do was to practice kite control, body dragging, and just about managed a few board starts when the wind was just teatering on being strong enough.  But sadly, not enough wind to progress further.

Overall though, the extreme academy at watergate bay in Cornwall is an excellent facility and the equipment was top notch with new 2010 harnesses and gear.  The staff were friendly and the tuition was good.  On paper its one of the more expensive places to learn, but considering that the equipment was new and I was charged fairly for the progression I made due to the conditions so you can’t say fairer than that.  I wonder if the “cheaper” alternatives would have done the same?  Worth considering.

And when the wind wasn’t strong enough I was able to join Mel “surfing” (or more realisitically – being pummeled by some massive waves!)

An excellent time, and I hope to continue my training later.

If you are considering kite-surfing, I would strongly suggest you become a competent kite flyer on a normal land power kite first as kite control is critical to progress.  As I’ve been fortunate to spend many hours power kiting on the beach I had a huge advantage over those that didn’t.

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