Campsites along our route

We thought it would be good planning to get information on campsites along our route – as some of the campsites will be suitable, some won’t; some will be cheap (municipal) and some won’t, and some will be ACSI discount card.  So knowing may make life a bit easier and help us chose the right one.

Now we have our GPX route which you can download, and we have the ACSI campsite POI database and the Archies Camping POI database which cover not only our route, but the entire of Europe!  So, with some ingenuity and IT wizardry, using AutoRoute, command line tools, and manual XLM filtering with regular expressions – we have a complete list of campsites within 3km of our marked route in order!  Wohoo!  (the 3km is an approximation based on the nearest road so isn’t 100% accurate, but pretty close)

This in conjunction with our software OSMAnd and the POIs loaded (see here) and the Acsi campsite application for Android with offline French maps/campsite guides – we’ll know what campsites to aim for.  I highly recommend the ACSI App for tablets – its offline database is a superb database – its free to install but you pay for data (£2.49 for the whole of France) – but very good.

So if anyone is thinking of the same route, here is the data

From the ACSI app:-


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