…and they’re off!

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Wohoo!  We’re off!  Think we peaked a little early and were pretty much ready a month ago, but at last we’re heading off on our latest trip.  We’re strangely enthusiastic as well as very apprehensive about this one.  On one hand, its only around 1,000 miles how hard can it be.  And on the other, what the hell are we doing!

Camping will be tough, and carrying 20-25kg of baggage each will be challenging, and the weather will also make a big difference.  But, we’ve had so many long hassle free touring trips – about time we challenged ourselves!

First couple of days will be tough as the campsites are few and far between, but if we make that it should be easier.

Blog may not be updated frequently, so don’t panic if we don’t update frequently!

Bye for now!!!!! 🙂

IMG_20140601_170835 (Medium)

IMG_20140601_171153 (Medium)

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