Sweden Summary

Sweden was another new country to us, and one that we’d heard mixed things about, generally that there is not a huge amount to see and we should spend more time in Norway! So our expectations were low. But due to the weather being crap in northern Norway, and Sweden weather being better, we headed to Sweden earlier (and higher up) than expected.

Some thoughts

  • Sweden isn’t *that* expensive – especially compared to Norway. Some things are, but adapting to local goods and its ok. Eating out is slightly more, but not that bad. The biggest issue was finding anywhere non-Pizza!
  • It’s a lot quieter, and there are a lot less campervans than Norway. So finding quiet wildcamping spots is both fine to do and far fewer others – some of our best wildcamping nights were in Sweden.
  • Not many towns excited us, but Stockholm was a real surprise and really impressed us. Other towns varied from interesting to (mostly) “meh…”
  • The north is prettier and more remote than the south, and more interesting. The national parks are barely used but well maintained with beautiful and varied walks – “mountains” (!), waterfalls etc. Maybe not as epic as Norway, but you are on your own for most of the time.
  • The high-coast area is stunning and worth seeing – and anyone fit enough should do the rock climbing there. (Its safe – honest!). Some great walks and views.
  • Wildcamping and aires are plentiful – some paid aires are superb, with hotel-like facilities, showers, laundry etc – some even provide free laundry. Water and waste points plentiful and generally good quality.
  • Roaming mobile coverage on “Three” network was pretty poor, especially in the north and outside of any towns. Other networks existed, but UK Three only roamed to Three-SE which was poor outside of populated areas.

Whilst the terrain and views are vastly different to Norway, and Norway does win in that aspect, we think we enjoyed Sweden the most – (north till Stockholm ish). Seemed to be just as many walks and exploring options, but with much less other tourists, so felt more like exploring rather than following a tourist trail.

Bottom line – don’t discount Sweden!

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