New Van Ordered…!

Well you know, best laid plans and all that…..

…..2020 hasn’t been a great year so far. As usual, we had a plan for the year involving backpacking and cycling trips as well as some campervannig trips in our trusty NV200. Usual stuff, all exciting, and planning to start Van#2 project much later in the year

But the coronavirus hitting China and Asia has forced the cancellation of the backpacking trip as we were flying into Shanghai – and so that puts an end to backpacking in Asia in 2020….

And Mel has an ongoing foot injury which has ruled out any biking or other expedition type trips for the year, and even preventing lots of UK “few days away” trips. Could be worse, but is a pain in the arse foot.

So to keep us busy, and to give us more “lounging type” campervan trips, rather than “activity type” the NV is so good at, we’ve brought forward our Van#2 campervan build and have just ordered a new van to convert

Its a MY20 Fiat Ducato Sportivo “special edition”, which is a 3.5T MH2 (L2H2) MWB 160ps ducato with lots of standard toys (cruise/AC/leather wheel; plush headrests; camera; etc). We’ve added heated seats; folding mirrors; seat boxes; shelf; airbags and mud & snow tyres along with a few other things, and the MY20 sees some other updated features (7″ screen and media upgrade etc)

No idea when its due as it had to go in as a special order (on paper rather than Fiat “system”), but now its in process means when sitting around we can hit google/ebay and get even more stuff ordered ready for the build

The special edition is black and red, so The A Team springs to mind! Or, as its black and little and will live amongst lots of white compatriots – it’ll be like the little black sheep! Quite apt…

Anyway, the CAD plans are pretty much complete, and as we always say…. How hard can it be…?!

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