And the reality…..

For Van2 build index click HERE and for Van2 YouTube Chanel click HERE and all pics from build HERE

D-day has come (Thats Delivery day). I would say it was a few months late due to Covid, but the reality its over a year early due to Mels’ ongoing injury preventing backpacking, cycling and walking trips – so in effect – cocking up all of our holidays and hence forcing a change of plan.

Anyway, our new van has arrived, a Fiat Ducato Sportivo with a few options, notably single passenger seat (and airbag), heated and height adjustable, and folding mirrors and no bulkhead and a converters socket. All should make our lives easier

Day 1 & 2 has been measuring out and laying out appliances and walls based on the CAD design (see here) – and amazingly all seemed to fit as well as hoped! Phew!

Now let the fun begin!

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