Week 2 over – Amsterdam is homely

We’ve survived a second week – and surprisingly just in budget!  Had a great night out in Amsterdam last night and are stuffed as a pig today (me specifically should be described as “stuffed with a pig”).

Had a busy week (yeah yeah – everything is relative) – over to Arnhem (bridge too far); then to a dolfinarium (Dutch can’t spell Dolphin); then to Amsterdam getting ready for our ½ marathon on Sunday.  (Though guess by the time we upload this we’d have already done it!)

Hopefully we’ve also uploaded our latest photos and week 2 diary – both are accessible above on the menu all being well J

Hope you are missing us – (hmmm) – and hope to see some of you briefly when we return!


Oh – blimey – we’re so glad we opted not to bring the satellite TV – so we’ve not seen the news.  All I’ve had is a few funny “Merchant Banker” emails come through – which means if there are jokes about them – then the economy is stuffed.  I am now wondering what on earth I stuck loads of money into our pensions for?  All gone by the sound of it.  Shit.  May mean the dreaded W word again…. L


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