Our future idea schedule (to 2013!)

Well after a few days brainstorming what other things we can do to avoid settling down again, we’ve come up with the following *DRAFT* schedule.  If you have any comments or suggestions then please let us know, or indeed if you have any information on these ideas feel free to tell us.

  • Return from current trip May 2011.
  • May/June 2011:  Stay in UK, visit friends, wakeboard and get some mountain bike training.
  • June–>September 2011:  Van trip to Alps for mountain biking, probably French alps but maybe Bavarian/Italian?  Then quick sunbathe in the med, then West coast of France and back.
  • October 2011:  UK
  • November 2011–>May 2012:  Backpack trip to SE Asia, Thailand; Cambodia; Vietnam.  Much more research needed to see if viable and within budget.
  • June 2012–>August 2012:  Cycle backpack trip from north to south coast of France!  If we make it either get train back to UK
  • Septeber 2012:  Scotland islands/islands?
  • October 2012:  UK
  • December 2012 –> May 2013:  Van trip Snowboarding for a couple of months, then down to Greece and up via Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovinia
  • June 2013–>September 2013:  Van tour of Scandanavia and Baltic states, so Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Luthuania, Poland.
  • or continue elsewhere TBD.

Thats about it.  In some gaps we’ll try and get the UK 3 peaks sorted; a few running races, some other biking and maybe some work.

Comments welcome…

Oh – and hi Mum & Dad – can I borrow your garage for a few more years? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Our future idea schedule (to 2013!)”

  1. Get in! Looks like an awesome plan. We’re gearing up for a 12 month Europe trip in a year. I have to admit I’m very curious how you’re funding your ongoing trip, but however you’re doing it, it is very cool. Cheers, Jason

  2. Hi Ryan & Mel – Greetings from Flensburg, Germany! Please share any tips you have for your June/Dec 2012 trips while we’re out here doing them! We’ll be in Denmark tomorrow just popped on to re-read your info 🙂

    Looks like we’re going to miss you again… very brave about the 6 month backpack trip, bit out of our comfort zone to be without a vehicle – one for the future for us maybe!

    Keep in touch!

    Sophie & Adam

  3. Planning my first Europe trip in my van – but great to see you are considering the UK 3 Peaks Challenge. Check my website..! If you want any help or tips, let me know. Fantastic website – lots of useful advice, thanks, Richie..

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