NV200: 240v Electrics

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The 240v electric requirements are quite simple for us as we seldom use 240v.  Most of the time we run on gas/12v – and everything we carry runs on 12v or USB.  So 240v is simply for a mains battery charger and a single socket that we can use for anything, but specifically a winter heater (and a heater whilst working on the van!)

I’ve opted to hide the consumer unit, 12v charger and battery to battery charger in the recess above the OS wheelarch.

The hookup cable is shielded and drops out through existing vent and is connected outside.

The spec is:

  • Consumer unit (PO104 – ebay):-
    • 25A RCD (dual pole)
    • 1x 6A dual pole MCB (for battery charger)
    • 1x 10A dual pole MCB for socket
    • Earthed to van chassis
  • 16A arctic cable
  • 16A hookup socket and cable. (HERE)

The hookup is flush mounted onto the towbar bracket, so out of the way and can’t be seen.  It has a spring loaded cover to stop debris.  16A shielded cable goes up under the bumper (same way as tow bar electrics) to the consumer unit that is screwed to some bonded wood.  (All gaps insulated and foil insulation used as a vapour barrier where possible.  The bottom area is not insulated as that will be used for air flow.  Anywhere the cable touched bodywork it was wrapped in shielding.

The 240v charger will be a 7A powerline one from tayna batteries (use code FACEBOOK45 for a few quid off).  And a single 240v socket will be placed somewhere appropriate.  The battery charger will be hard wired in to the 20A terminal connector.

The LHS of the void will have the 240 charger & ctek battery to battery charger and it will be covered neatly later – cardboard template gives an idea.  This will need venting as the 7a charger can get warm, and the gizmos have lots of lights, so may need to do something clever here 🙂

We ran a 2kw heater to heat the van and it works fine, and my testers show the cabling is correct and the RCD didn’t trip.



DSCN1432 DSCN1431 DSCN1439

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