NV200: Internal trim panels

Click for: NV200 Campervan build index, Also all Necessary tools used. Full conversion spec here. All photos taken during build

Showing these as they show details I could not find when we were looking at the van, which is “how much space is there inside the panels)

The panels come off by removing the plastic caps, but they are single use so break.  Oh  joy.  So you will need to replace with generic reusable fir-tree types.


  • The lower rear NS/OS plastic ventpanels come off with 2 screws then lift off push upwards
  • The rear door door handle has a single screw, and then the outer “border” is clipped in. It can then come off by pushing “right” a bit

The pics of the panels show we think:-

  • We can cut some of the OS barn door to make a usable space for the hookup cable
  • The NS barn door is too full to use
  • The OS/NS sliders have potential to have storage built in
  • The OS/NS rear panels have  room for storage.

DSCN1375 DSCN1376 DSCN1374 DSCN1373


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